30 noviembre 2009

what is your favourite colour, punk?
Se están yendo muchas personas, y yo estoy hace tiempo parada sola, en muchas cosas. Supongo que es parte de crecer. Lo cual lo vuelve odioso.

27 noviembre 2009

Am I strung out, crazy, or not allowed to be the one who gets stupid over u, lazy, laid back, maybe u're just on crack, why am I the one who gets fucked up and confused?

17 noviembre 2009

Always stays the same, nothing ever changes, english summer rain seems to last for ages.

Hold your breath and count to ten, and fall apart and start again ;

Nena, algo me intriga mucho, de eso presumo saber, y si acaso curtimos, se que nos vamos a entender.

14 noviembre 2009

CONSPIRANCY - Please speak softly, for they will hear us and they'll find out why we don't trust them. Speak up dear cause I cannot hear you, I need to know why we don't trust them. Explain to me this conspiracy against me and tell me how I've lost my power. Where can I turn? Cause I need something more. Surrounded by uncertainty I'm so unsure. Tell me why I feel so alone cause I need to know to whom do I owe. Explain to me this conspiracy against me and tell me how I've lost my power. I thought that we'd make it because you said that we'd make it through and when all security fails will you be there to help me through...

Don't pull me down, this is where I belong
I think I'm different, but I'm the same and I'm wrong.

06 noviembre 2009

There's evil in your heart
and it wants out to play

02 noviembre 2009

Cuando comenzamos a nacer la mente empieza a comprender que vos sos vos y tenés vida. ¡Qué poca cosa es la realidad! mejor seguir, mejor soñar y lo que vale no es el día. Pero el sol está, no es de papel, es de verdad.
Vos perdiste un wiskhey 
Y yo escape por la cuidad,
Sola en Baires.