25 septiembre 2010

Todo es mentira en este mundo

Todo es mentira la verdad, todo es mentira, yo me digo todo es mentira ¿por qué será?
Esperando la última ola...esperando la última rola...arriba la luna.
Mentira lo que dice, mentira lo que va, mentira lo que cuece bajo la oscuridad...arriba la luna.
Buscando un ideal, buscando un ideal ¿cuándo será? ¿por dónde saldrá el sol?

18 septiembre 2010

Memories, push it away, dont lose ur self, push this feelings away.
It's in your mind, don't remember the things that made u feel so bad, it`s in ur heart

14 septiembre 2010

Let's get together and feel all right !

10 septiembre 2010

I try and hide it but I can't. Why do I act like I'm all high and mighty? When inside, I'm dying, I am finally realizing I need help.

06 septiembre 2010

Todo lo que quiero es dormir, zyra, y verduras. Y una pipa, sí.

03 septiembre 2010

Freedom and blood, I make my mark and fight for tomorrow.

Finally I've got something, something I can raise my voice for.

Fine tell them
who you really want. Fine well you'll get yours and I'll get mine.

Proud. I'm proud to be proud to see. They said proud.

I'm proud to be proud to be me.

Fine tell them who you think you are. Fine tell them fine is what you are.

And when you finally figure out what it is you need, you better think of me.

When I get up I feel the rhythm in my fingers. I get up, I hear the rhythm in my laughter.

Take a second look. You might find that you are stronger.

Imagination inspiration, it's only fair that I tell you.

I plan on leaving here tonight with my pride. It gets me every time, with my pride.

I'm proud to be I'm proud to be me .

01 septiembre 2010

Y tu Quique?  Δ